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The Choice program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County works as a Youth Development Agency. This program proactively works for the children who are within the age group of 14-24 to provide them financial assistance to support their education and livelihood. The program further assists and professionally trains the children for the recruitment processes of the companies.

Currently, the Choice program has 2 food outlets i.e. Flying Fruit café (A coffee café in University of Baltimore) and Fruit shake (A fruit shake outlet in Downtown, Baltimore). The primary purpose of these outlets is to earn money to support the needs of the children/program. The program recruits the children for working in these outlets and pays them to provide financial assistance.

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The Choice program at UMBC has 3 primary stakeholders. 

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with whom the Choice Program collaborates to provide the necessary funding and training to the youth.

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Youth & their Families
for whom they are run this program.

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of the Choice Program at UMBC


The Choice Program has different faces for different stakeholders.

For partners, the Program is more of an NGO which requires funds to run the program. It was important to portray the program as a brand which would be recognized by the partners. Hence, I preferred to use the original Choice Program logo and derived colors from it. The typeface used is Optima and Arial Black, I tried different combinations for this type of stakeholder and found that the combination of bold and strong Arial Black goes well with thin and curvy Optima. 

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Today’s generation focuses on breaking the rules and making impossible things possible. Bold is an attribute which can define youth of the present. The same concept is conveyed here by bleeding edges and bold text. The red and green bands give me a sense of a hug which represents the warm and comforting culture of my client’s program. I used the basic typefaces for designs i.e. Arial Black and Calibri Light. I wanted to work upon basic typefaces and yet design something which would be perfect for its purpose. I feel I achieved it in these designs.

For staff, the program conducted interviews to recruit young adults for their cafes and program. Thus, I wanted to use bold, professional and motivational designs for this face of the program. I choose different variants of Lato typeface i.e. Lato Black and Lato Regular. Also, used professional colors like blue and white to design an Identity system for staff. I added a shape representing a path and the mascot of the Choice Program on it. I feel that the staffs should be motivated and the Choice Program is the right place for them to showcase their talent in front of a variety of crowd and thus, this program could be their path towards success! 

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